Nuco Node Manager

This section goes into detail about the Nuco Node Manager -  a Linux desktop application for Nuco Kernel management and statistical analysis. This application, if indicated during installation, is included with the Nuco Kernel distribution. The Node Manager enables operations to be run on the Nuco Kernel while providing relevant statistics. Additional features allow the extraction of information from the blocks on the Kernel.

The steps to run the Node Manager and use its features are outlined in the sections below.

It is also suggested to be familiar with the Getting Started and Important Information Regarding Architecture section before using the Nuco Node Manager.

Getting Started

This section covers running the Node Manager desktop application setting it up to connect with the installed Nuco Kernel.

First, run the script in the bin directory where the Nuco Kernel was installed.

This will launch the Node Manager application and will prompt a directory selection on the file system where the Nuco Kernel was installed. In addition, it will ask to provide a name that serves as an identified for the proposed node.


If the file structuring of the Nuco Kernel directory has changed, the Node Manager will not be able to find the necessary files needed to connect with the Nuco Kernel.

You will be directed to the dashboard view on the Node Manager after completing selection, which indicates a successful connection between the Node Manager and the Nuco Kernel installed on your local machine.

Important Information Regarding Architecture

In the current version of the Nuco Node Manager, you can only stop the Nuco Kernel if it was started through the Nuco Node Manager. The Nuco Kernel cannot stop running if it was started outside the Node Manager. This issue will be solved in future releases.

The Node Manager has features that connect to the Nuco Kernel through the Web3 API. Therefore, the Web3 API connection must be enabled for all the features to work in the Node Manager. To do this, the Web3 API connection must be enabled through the configuration file or through the Configuration tab. Please refer to Configuration File section to learn more.

The Node Manager provides statistics of the Nuco Kernel by incorporating a self-managed database that syncs with the Nuco Kernel. Therefore, some information will not necessarily be up to date with the Nuco Kernel as it is still syncing. It is still possible to explore blocks and transactions even if the database does not store it.

Layout of Nuco Node Manager

A Navigation sidebar is included on the left of the Node Manager and the status bar on the top. The Navigation sidebar allows the navigation through the different tabs, serving different purposes. The status bar displays information about the Nuco Kernel’s status. Additionally, it provides the ability to start and stop the Nuco Kernel.


This section outlines the features included in the Nuco Node Manager. More detailed descriptions are included for each Nuco Node Manager tab.


This is the Node Manager’s landing page. The dashboard displays Kernel statistics while providing edit/configuration controls. Each card on the dashboard represents a specific statistic and/or Kernel action item. Details regarding specific descriptions are provided as a hover-feature.



Allows the Nuco Kernel to be edited and configured. A GUI is provided to edit the configuration file for the Nuco Kernel that also provides a way to reset/save any configuration changes. Refer to Configuration File section to learn more about each parameter and the possible changes that can be made.



Allows the user to query, explore and retrieve block and transaction details. A search box to fetch specific information is also included.

../_images/explorer.png ../_images/block-explorer.png


The Node Manager stores block and transaction information in a self-managed database, therefore, the real-time search results will not display blocks and transactions that have not been written to the database yet. With that said, it is still possible to search blocks and/or transactions because the Node Manager will be activated to achieve this in the case it is not available in the database. Please refer to Important Information Regarding Architecture section for more details.


Allows the user to create and explore account while displaying all blocks and transactions associated with each account.



Displays the nodes on the peers list of the Nuco Kernel.