Our Story

In 2014, while working at Deloitte, our CEO, Matthew Spoke, saw an opportunity emerging in the blockchain industry. At the time, there had yet to emerge a standard for how established organizations and new entrants would leverage blockchain systems and smart contracts to reinvent established industries.

Nuco’s founding team first came together to create Deloitte’s blockchain practice, Rubix, and established an industry-leading track record. Capitalizing on that experience, our founders launched Nuco in May 2016, setting out to build a company that would shape the emerging standards of a hyper-growth industry.

We are a vision-driven, passionate team, working tirelessly to make blockchain a reality in enterprise.

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Jay Tseng Engineer
Chris Lin Engineer
Yao Sun Engineer
Veena Mathew Engineer
Gavin Ching Engineer
Ali Sharif Engineer
Yulong Wu Engineer
Jason Zaluski Product Manager
Karim Zeine Business Development
Shannon Steele Marketing

Advisors and Board

Dennis Bennie Director
Tony Van Marken Director
Vitalik Buterin Advisor
Michael Tang Advisor
Scott Robinson Advisor
Alex Tapscott Advisor